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Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel

Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel
Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel
Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel
Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel
Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel
Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel
Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel

Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel   Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel

Seville Classics Heavy Duty 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet XL. We have a proven track record over the years. We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. Orders are processed around the clock every day for best service!

Organize and store your tools with the UltraHD Rolling Cabinet with Drawers. With a simple lock and key system, this rolling cabinet offers exceptional storage capacity for all of your garage tools and supplies. Each unit comes with a set of 5-inch wheels with two locking casters, keeping your cabinet mobile or stationary. Equipped with a heavy duty three-quarter inch solid hardwood work surface, you can easily and effectively layout your tools and supplies on its 28-inch by 20-inch surface. The cabinet also houses a locker-style compartment, equipped with a 17-inch by 13-inch shelf for added storage convenience. The drawers slide on heavy duty ball bearing and can hold up to 40 lbs. The doors and drawers are stainless steel and casing is powder coated steel. Granite Powder Coated Steel Frame. 0.75 inch thick hard wood top. Four slide out drawers with shelf liners. One cabinet with adjustable shelf. Stainless Steel Drawer Fronts and Cabinet Door.

Four 5.5 Inch Heavy Duty Wheels (2 locking). Key locks for cabinet and drawers. Assembled Dimensions 20' D x 28' W x 34.5' H. Chrome push bar in front.

28'W x 25'D x 34.5'H. Heavy duty powder coated steel storage cabinet. Item includes four drawers and a one door cabinet.

Hard wood top, stainless steel drawer fronts and door. 5-inch wheels (2 locking), drawer and door key locks.

Key locks for cabinets and drawers. Took a while to put together but after done it looked great. Solidly built and easy to move around on large casters. Very roomy drawers and main cabinet. Quality is always exceptional, instructions are clear and products are easily assembled. Amazing value for the price. It took a little longer to put together than I expected but, it was worth it. High quality and well engineered. The directions were confusing at first, but once you understood it. This is a cabinet that I bought to organize my woodworking tools and supplies.

The drawer slides run smooth and the compartments are good size. The quality of this unit is out standing.

There are many parts and screws but fit ad finished product is outstanding. The only thing I wish were different is that the bumpers above the wheels should be non marring. They leave black marks on my wall when they rug against the wall. It fits in a very tight space next to a sink. This is not a 10 min. Please don't just look at the pieces and assume you know how they go together. If you do not follow the steps in the order given you will end up taking sections apart and redoing them. This is especially true with the assembly of the drawers. I love the big wheels and solid feel of the overall unit. Metal is a little thin but for the price it is perfect for my hobby garage.

Well made cabinet and looks great. We now own 3 of these for our church. We used 1 as a cart for loading equipment in and out of a facility, now we use all three as part of our coffee bar and check-in areas. They are great, and pair perfectly with their counter/workbench product.

They slide right underneath and look like built-ins or roll out to provide extra counter space. The combination of drawers and cabinet space is great. I read the reviews at Walmart and Amazon before purchasing. Pros- It looks exactly as pictured, and is exactly as described. All three other people who have seen it have said that, unsolicited. I did struggle to get one screw in, clearance / alignment issue.

I think it is suitable for the garage, or even the workshop / office as in my case. It is very well designed and well manufactured. The metal gauge is perfectly sized for my usage needs.

The back panel seems thinner, but it is only exposed to potential impact damage on rear of the inside of the cabinet side. I do not think it is an issue. The cabinet door latches with a magnetic strip. The drawers have a cam like feeling on full closure.

They will not slide open on their own. The are two keys for each: cabinet side and draw side. Cons- For use in the workshop office I would prefer a little more uniformity in the butcher block top. One top is very attractive with similar wood tones between pieces.

The other has some darker pieces thrown in, which come to my attention when I look at it from the top down. Still, I really like them both. Finally, it was never advertising as being like I might prefer. So, it came as described. The other had one moderately bent corner on the rear panel. I straightened it on a flat surface with a rubber mallet. It is hidden from view anyway. It took me 15 minutes to unpack, and 15 minutes to clean up after.

There is a lot of cardboard and foam panels. Assembly itself must have taken 1.5-or more hours.

There are a lot of screws and it all holds together very well. The instructions are very clear.

Very sturdy and surprisingly easy to put together. All the Seville products go together great.... This my second garage piece from them.

Solid cabinet with smooth drawers. It takes a while to assemble but it's not difficult.

Easily delivered by ups or fdx. I love how easily it rolls and it is super sturdy.

I was able to assemble this by myself using the included phillips screwdriver. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The Quality is awesome, and I would highly recommend this for any number of uses. Using it for storage of medications and charts in a small Adult Family Home.

The cart arrived in boxes, but plan to spend at least hour and half assembling - and that's with help. We didn't have any problems as everything was where it was supposed to be, but it is very detailed. Read ahead -- sometimes you have to undo what you just did. Seems very good quality and will serve the purpose we need it for just fine. I build small props and live in a small NYC apartment.

Using my drill press effectively was a bit difficult, so I bought this item to serve as a drill press table and storage unit. Assembly was time consuming but very easy and can be done by one person. The instructions were very clear and should be followed. If you have a power drill/driver that will speed things up. Make sure it's on low torque.

The unit is sturdy, yet small enough to fit in tight spaces. It has ample storage space and will hold quite a bit of items. The wheels are big and beefy and roll smoothly.

Overall a great unit for my needs. And looks great in the Studio! The greatest feature of this cabinet is the deeper drawers. It also fits nicely under the Seville workbench.

Assembly is easy with well written instructions. The large casters roll easly. Assembled solo in about 2.5 hours, taking my time to do it right. Sturdy cabinet that fits together well.

Rolls easily, solid top, nice bumpers. Drawers lock and door locks (same key works for both), if that matters to you. Drawers require an extra push to close enough to lock, but a minor inconvenience for the price.

Great for my shed storage. It is truly easy to put together, I did it all myself, and just awesome!! He loves it and I love how it looks!

The machine work on the pieces is spot on, the problem that I had was that my wrist was sore after putting 8 pieces together. 2 large storage, 2 overheads, 2 work benches, and 2 rolling carts.

I also got him the peg board and a stool to match! I just have to hang the overheads and I will get some great pics!

Took longer to put together than we originally thought but very happy with the end result. Bought this a few weeks ago.

Easy to assemble and a very useful cabinet. We have a small area to work in. This product was a great addition to our work space.

I have built 4 of these now and I love them. Construction is excellent for the price you pay. Sometimes you will get some alignment issues but the key to that is to NOT tighten all of the screws 100% when building the unit. Wait until you have all the screws about 90% tight then complete the assembly. I cant tell you how much this will help you when you do the assembly, very important for alignment of panels and drawers. It turned out to be perfect. The unit is well built, good powder coating and easy to assemble. It is well worth the hour or so that it took to put it together. I was looking for a rolling cabinet.

AFAIK, Whirlpool stopped making the Gladiator cabinets. I took a chance on these Seville Classics.

I'm glad I did. No missing parts, all holes lined up without any problems. The ball bearing drawer slides are a nice feature, as well as the fully extendable drawers.

This is a well built cabinet and I would recommend it to my friends. Exactly what we were looking for at a reasonable price. The cabinet is excellent even with the slight damage to one side. The ordering of the was a different story, I ordered it on the mobile soft and it is the slowest and most unfriendly site to use. Items end up in your cart that you didn't put the and it can be very difficult to remove.

When the package arrived and I opened it to put it together it seemed like it would be a difficult process... To my surprise was very easy. The directions and putting the cart together went together very easy. They sent one screwdriver and that was the only tool I needed.

When finished was amazed at the quality of the product. Very well made and assembly instructions clear.

We had a lot of difficulty with Sam's online ordering process but after three tries and several calls to customer service we were finally able to get this item ordered. The item itself is very well made. There is a lot of assembly and many parts but all the parts are clearly labeled and the instructions are very easy to understand and the step by step process is clear. It did take a few hours to assemble but everything fit together well.

The only issue we had was the last piece to attach is the door and when we unwrapped it we found that there was a large dent on the front. I contacted Seville's customer service and after providing the necessary info. Took a while to put together but the unit is very sturdy and well built.

All the pieces fit perfectly.. The finished cabinet is worth the exacting assembly procedure. I have put several of this companies cabinets. Take your time and the product is worth it. Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet.

Well built, pretty easy to assemble, and feels very solid. Sturdy cabinet, which is used in a commercial kitchen.

Assembly is required; however, all parts are clearly marked, the instructions are clear, and assembly takes minimal effort. If you can follow recipe instructions, you should be able to complete assembly within an hour. Worked wonderful for what we needed.

Heavy duty with a nice solid wood top. Excellent product-best design, simplest assembly.

Assembly was so simple, almost impossible to make a mistake. I never saw anything so easy to put together and setup so well.

Every piece had reference number, description and minor direction on the parts. And is preferred, Best price and product. The 6 inch wheels easy transition any flooring. The stainless and wood look is perfect for in office use. The pieces are labeled well enough to visualize the assembly without instructions.

I accidentally threw mine away I believe because I couldn't find them. The best movable storage and work surface I have. The combination of drawers and shelves gives flexible storage.

The work surface is ideal for may small jobs at the right height. The large lockable wheels make it easy to move on any surface, even carpet.

This was a gift for Christmas. Surprisingly it was pretty easy to put together. This was a great deal and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy cabinet. The finished product is constructed in a manner to last for two if not three generations. All at a very reasonable price.

This cabinet was delivered fast and easy to assemble if you read the instructions. I had to put it together but the instructions were very easy. Arrived undamaged and very well packed. Took me about two hours to assemble. Assembled unit is solid and well built.

Thanks both Seville and Walmart. I bought 2 of these for my husband for Christmas. We've already assembled them and he's using them and loves them! They look fantastic and are durable & usable as well!

This needs to be put together, but the instructions are very clear. One of my favorite features is the height of this is not too tall. I bought this to use as aworkstation for my chamber vacuum sealer. The drawers and cabinet hold supplies and the whole thing doesn't have a problem with the 200 pound weight of the vacuum machine. Keeping them out of the children's hands. I put it together by myself. There were a lot of parts and bolts. The instructions were very good and the parts well labeled. It took me two days, cause my hand got sore from the screwdriver. The cart is very nice and study. This is a well built cart. They are used as storage stations for the groomers to store their equipment in. My only issue was putting it together. There were so many pieces, thankfully it came with great instructions. Rolling Storage Cabinet with drawers. I was looking for a sturdy LOCKING cabinet for my school library in which to store some hand-held electronic equipment. This cabinet fits the bill nicely!

Though it has many pieces and I admit that I was a bit intimidated, it turned out to be quite simple to assemble! It takes some time, but not bad. The instruction booklet is very detailed and easy to understand. The cabinet side locks separately from the drawer side, but with the same key, which is convenient. These and the push bar (which could also be used for hanging hand towels-for those of you using this for its intended purpose in the garage) make it super simple to move the cart to desired locations.

Plus, if you love the Industrial Design look, this cabinet and its partner, would look great in a kitchen! Overall, this is a great product and a good price! I have been pleased with its performance in the past and expect no difference with this cabinet.

They are relatively easy to put together and very functional in my garage. Very pleased better than expected. Overall I was very pleased with quality of this cabinet. The fit and finish were better than expected for the price!

Instructions were easy to follow. This tool cabinet is perfect for our busy shop. Inexpensive, yet offers great value with easy to use drawers that are lockable. Love that it has casters and wood, heavy duty top. I believe the description said no assembly required, but no biggie. Just know up front it comes in a'million' pieces. The box weighs a little over 100 lbs. With that being said, the engineering on this is top-friggin-notch! Never had a hole misaligned and only has three different screw sizes, but mainly two (cabinet assembles with one size and drawers with another). Make sure you follow the directions... Er, look a the pictures. I had'worked ahead' a few screws and ended up removing them, as it wasn't time to populate that hole. The single shelf provided in the cabinet area is adjustable. The polished wood top is a nice touch.

It has a sturdy push-bar to move cabinet around. The huge casters make moving it around easy-peasy.

It stands just about waist high on me, which is just right. The drawers come with pre-cut'grippy' liners.

All-in-all, this is a sturdy little beast. The drawers push into a'locked' position so they won't just roll out when you're moving this around. It also can be key locked. A lot of thought went into the engineering of this cabinet, and seems no stone was left un-turned. Great product, good quality and easy setup.

Great for the garage it's extremely durable and easy to put together. The wheels help to move around for cleaning or just organizing purposes. We have had 2 of these just over a year. My only real complaint is they are difficult to get finger prints off of.

Very easy to assemble a little time consuming just because of the number of pieces and fasteners. The directions were very clear and the items were clearly labeled and packaged.

No missing or damaged parts. Not one missing or defective fastener.

I would recommend 11/2 hours for assembly on the roll around sand 20 minutes on the wall cabinets. I tried a power screwdriver and the screwdriver packaged with the kit actually worked out better for me. Overall highly satisfied with this product.

I orderd these carts for work. They are very good and exactly what we need. The one thing i would change with this is where the handle is located. I would have put the handle on the handle. Here at my job we use these for medical supplies to draw blood. Some people like them and others do not. Me personally i love it. Super Duper Roll Around Drawer Unit! Heavy duty, very well constructed equipment. I have all Seville products in my garage. Workbench, wall cabinets, peg board, stainless stool and now the roll around storage unit!!

The entire Ultra HD line of products are excellent. The quality of the HD product line is excellent and the assembly directions are very well done. All the hardware was 102% (extra fasteners) and was well packaged and organized. The ability to level the work bench with the adjustable feet is also a nice feature. We how have 3 benches and three roll out cabinets.

Works well with the bench. Received the two cabinets a day earlier than expected. I opened the box and it looked like a lot of pieces and screws. Assembly was easy once read and followed instructions. Quality is very good, draw rollers are heavy duty.

Large wheels makes it very easy to maneuver around garage. I was hesitant about ordering this with a few bad reviews but glad I did. It was better than I thought. The direction are all pictures you can not make a mistake putting it together.

All parts and screws are well marked and it went together perfect. It did take about two hours Each part fit perfect.

After I got it together I thought it was way to nice for garage. The wood top is very nice.. Took me almost an hour to unpack it & sort out everything. Overall , a very good value.

Many parts but easy to install. Great quality and works well. This cabinet comes completely disassembled and has lots of parts. However, all the parts were there and each piece had the part number on it.

The directions were good and showed the top and front of the pieces for proper assembly. I like the fact that the top is solid wood and not MDF or particle board. The casters are large and sturdy and have a locking feature. I also have the 6 drawer cabinet and like that this cabinet has deeper drawers that it has. Solid wood top is even nicer than expected!

This tool cart is very well made, The wheels are very strong and can handle the heavy weight when the cart is full of tools. The instructions were easy to follow and there were no surprises. All parts were well packaged with no damage and nothing missing. I would definitely recommend this. This is a class act. Breeze to put together, excellent craftsmanship, Quality parts, they give you everything including screwdriver to put it together.

The box is bulky and heavy. It takes 2-3 hrs to build.

The instructions are clear and fairly easy to follow. Each piece is properly marked with the piece number and directional labels to ensure the piece is installed correctly ie. Arrow w/label'Top' and a 2nd arrow w/ label'Front'. All pieces and screw holes lined up and all screws thread into thread bosses behind the holes making for strong attachment points. But be prepared - many screws to assemble this cabinet. The castors are the 4 - bolt pattern that bolt into each corner which is superior to some mfrs that provide screw type castors. The wheels are sufficiently large making for easy rolling. Ball bearing drawer slides operate smoothly. The top appears to be a butcher block maple, etc with a nice top finish.

The finished product is very good quality and perception is that it will last many years! Better than any other that I've seen! Instructions to assemble were great. Screw driver with magnetic head (sometimes a pain) included as well as one extra of each screw. Great for your tools and storage!

This is an excellent unit and at a great value. Allow a few hours for assembly, but once your done it really is a nice piece.

It's surpassed my expectations. I never write a review about anything. But I'm telling you Seville has done it right. Good-quality easy assembly all the tools you need. That's all I've got to say about that! Follow the directions and the cabinet is easy to assemble. I love the large casters. I pull this unit out and use it as a work space all over the garage. Locking front casters make this feasible. It tucks under my Ultra HD 72 inch work bench beautifully. They even supply a magnetized screw driver which works very well and extra parts. A solidly built tool cart for a reasonable price. I bought this for my reloading room and it meets my needs perfectly. I also have the high table that goes with this set and these carts fit perfectly underneath it to save valuable space.

It does take about 2-3 hours to assemble using a cordless drill to screw in the many screws that come with it. Directions are clear though and assembly is fairly easy, just a bit time consuming.

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Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel   Seville Classics Heavy Duty XL 4-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Locking Tool Steel