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Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile

Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile
Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile
Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile
Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile
Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile
Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile
Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile

Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile    Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile

Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench. We have a proven track record over the years. We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. Orders are processed around the clock every day for best service!

This rolling workbench features all steel construction with doors that are flush with the body of the cabinet and include 2 key locks. This will complement any garage, basement, storage room or hobby room. Doors are flush with the body of the cabinet. Drawers include padded liners for soft storage.

Stainless steel door with 2 key locks. Total weight capacity evenly distributed, 500 lbs. Weight capacity per Drawer, 30 lbs.

8 Small Drawers: 19.25' W x 18.5' D x 2.75' H. 3 Medium Drawers: 19.25' W x 18.5' D x 4.75' H. 1 Large Drawer: 19.25' W x 18.5' D x 10.75' H. 72' W x 20' D x 37' H.

Hardwood Top: 72' x 20' x 1.5' thick. 8 Drawers: 19.25'W x 18.5'D x 2.75'H. 3 Drawers: 19.25'W x 18.5'D x 4.75'H. 1 Drawer: 19.25'W x 18.5'D x 7.5'H.

Shelf: 21.5' x 18.75. This is an awesome addition to our shop!

All kinds of storage and very heavy duty. Good quality, well labeled for easy assembly. It was a fun cabinet to put together - not hard - good instructions. For the price you cant beat it.

Well built, easy to assemble. Would definitely recommend this products.

Gives a whole new meaning to some assembly required but worth it in the end. We ordered several pieces of Seville Classics UltraHD storage pieces and are very pleased with the value, quality, and workmanship. The pieces arrived in good condition and were packed well. There is a TON of styrofoam protecting the pieces so figure out how you will dispose of it.

Each piece of the workbench is in a plastic bag so more waste to dispose of. Fortunately the cardboard is recyclable - none of the other waste is. The units include all the screws and tools needed to assemble. My husband and I worked together to assemble and we think it is a two-person job.

For one person, C-clamps would come in handy. The tools provided worked well although we chose to use a ratchet wrench instead of the wrench provided for one set of screws due to their location.

The directions were clear and detailed. We made a couple of mistakes because I did not pay attention to the details in the instructions. Watch the video on YouTube on how to assemble the drawers. And pay attention to which screws to insert when. Each drawer has 4 screws on the sides that do not go in until the drawer is inserted in the cabinet. Some hints for assembly:-Every piece is labeled with its name, an identifying number and an orientation (example:'front').

If the screws do not go into smoothly, something is lined up wrong. Out of over 280 screws, all but maybe a handful went in easy.

If the screws are not going in smoothly, it may be the screw should not be inserted at that step. We made a couple of operator errors because we didn't read carefully and had to remove screws and redo. Do not tighten the screws until advised to do so in the directions.

This piece is so nice we thought maybe it was for the kitchen instead of the garage! This is a very well made product. It is a lot of work to put it together, and for some it will require some assistance and the weight of the table top will require two people. But, at the end of the process it's worth it.

Take your time and read carefully before putting each section together. Also, when putting on the drawers you must remove the plastic guards (clear and black) from the pulls or you'll be left wondering why the drawers don't mount. They cover and protect the hooks that hold the drawers. This is my second one!! I bought one of these in 2014 and it was great. I own a lot of tools, and use them often. The top takes a beating, but still works great. The abundance of drawers are great too. I like that there are various depths on the drawers as well. So he bought me another one for my new house.

Did not take long to assemble at all. I constructed a peg board above it to hold my drills, levels, etc. Plus I use the sides of the unit to hang stuff also.

Couldn't be happier, and find that it is way more versatile and cheaper than many major brand name tool chest/workbenches. The workbench very solid and the assembly process is very straightforward with excellent instructions.

The top is a thing of beauty. I bought this item for my husband, for his birthday.

This workbench makes the garage look beautiful. The workbench is high quality, so nice in fact, that I bought him the cart to match. The quality is so nice this could be used in the kitchen. A gift for my husband, felt bad it needed complete assembly.

He said it was a lot of work, watched some You Tube videos on it. Great Value, worth 3x at retail! This workbench is definitely work the price.

The casters are heavier duty and not the usual cheap quality most products are sent out with. It was easy to put together and the instructions were right on, just plan on making it an evening project. The roller bearings in the drawers are a nice touch and adds to the quality. Price much more reasonable compared to actual tool boxes like Craftsman and Snap-on, depends on your needs. I've seen cheaply made tool boxes of much less quality for much more inprice. You should know what you're getting before purchasing. I read a review about how the drawers on the right are too shallow. That is very clear from the picture and description! If that isn't enough, get something else. I think that there is plenty of room. I have almost all of the drawers filled up. Plenty of room for wrenches and other hand tools along with miscellaneous items. This workbench is very well built and the instructions are clear and concise. Takes a good amount of time for one person to assemble, but it's worth it.

It's quite heavy so get someone to help when it's time to flip over (assembly starts upside down). Looks great and is the best value that I could find. We are very impressed by the Seville products. They look great and are a great quality. I read some reviews about the product having dents all over.

We did experience a few dents on the back panel which no one sees. The packaging really protects the workbench.

There is a lot to put together so it works better with two people. ENGINEERED EXCELLENCE IN A DIY BUILD UNIT - WOW. I built the unit in my garage in less than 4 hours. To be honest, I broke for frequent drinks and lunch during that time too.

The unit goes together easily. The instructions are clearly written, easy to understand, the parts clearly labeled, and all the holes line up correctly. You do have to have patience with the build. While some screws will want to re-thread into mated fittings (if they get a little off they do not turn easily into the fitting), you simply stop, back the screw out, realign the screw, and start again.

All the parts are there including drawer liners. And, this units is so much less expensive than some others of similar quality. What is not to love about this unit.

Solid, sturdy and easy to move around. I've had this for a few years now. Yes it takes some time to put together, but if you set up the drawers in sort of an assembly line it is not bad.

I find that if you plan properly it can hold a ton of tools. I also bought the metal pegboards (three fit perfectly above the bench) and the cabinets with shelf (two side by side also equals 6 feet).

I also added an LED light strip with remote control under the cabinets which adds plenty of light for the bench surface and use a pivotal LED light at the top of the cabinets, also remote control, which provides additional lighting. I tie-strapped power strips to the sides of the bench using the pegboard on each side. The center section of the bench is ideal for cases. I have a basic tool kit, two cases for sockets, etc.

I use magnetic holders for labels which I can change anytime because of paper inserts. If you put thought into how you organize this can be a fantastic addition to you workshop. Great features, not terribly difficult to assemble but it is heavy! Bought 2 swivel wheels spall 4 swivel.

Quality workmanship and well engineered. AMAZING WORKBENCH WITH LOTS OF STORAGE. A BIT TIME CONSUMING WITH LOTS OF SCREWS BUT IN THE END AN AMAZING BARGAIN. I bought this a few weeks ago and this makes an awesome kitchen island.

After I bought this & assembled it (time consuming) but well worth it. I have owned this for about 5 years & it is by far the best Workbench/Toolbox I have ever owned. I have had 3 friends look at mine, they all went & bought one. I highly recommend this for home use or any mechanic to use in there shop.

I have bought several more for gifts & all very happy. Everyone who has seen it is amazed at how nice it is. Would recommend it to anyone.

I love this bench - great value! Due to my own stupidity I had to contact them regarding a part - they were so helpful and solved my problem quickly. The bench itself - I do metal work/jewelry and this bench is perfect for tool storage, looks nice, is mobile, and you won't find anything better, or even close, for the price. We bought this to use at trade shows. Just finished assembling this cabinet over the weekend and it does take some time to assemble.

The cabinet looks great and I was impressed with the way it went together. It can be assembled by yourself however I did need help turning it right side up once the base is assembled - quite heavy. Do watch the online video suggested in the instructions before assembling the drawers - great hint for assembly. Also, do not for the screws. If they are tight, back it out and start over.

They should go in pretty easy. Looking forward to many years of use. This works great for our shop, we have two. Middle section fits all the specialty tools in cases perfectly.

It may not work well for'diesel mechanic' but all other tools works great, got both of ours filled full. Solid, better than I expected. Drawers are set closed and glide open effortlessly once you tug it out of the set position.

Woodblock on top is twice as thick than I expected and was coated with a wood protectant. I plan to further add an armrest and a trough to the top as this will serve as a roll-away bar for my Pub Shed. Rolls effortlessly and lockable wheels are secure.

I will try to remember to upload a pic once I complete the'bar-top'. The tool box is was wanting for so long. Excellent material, easy to assemble, I add all swivel wheels to make it more manejable, I think should come with it. Great for the Home Garage/Shop.

I definitely love this workbench. I bought one for work and love its mobility and looks, especially with the beautiful, solid wood top. The drawers feel free, yet firm, not sloppy on their tracks. The only drawback for me is the unit does not come with locks for the drawers, but only the center cabinet. That did not make sense to me, but to remedy the problem, I used steel angle iron, drilled and riveted to the top and bottom of the frame and inserted steel rods with tabs to insert a lock at the top of each rod.

That way, the rod prevented the drawers from being opened. But in the home garage where security is less necessary, this box is excellent. First off, this thing is HEAVY! Get help to move it. We unstrapped the two boxes it came in and loaded them separately, it's still heavy.

Went together pretty easily, the magnetic screwdriver they supply is almost a must, nice touch. Some of the threaded inserts were a bit of a pain and there are a ton of them. Not difficult, just seemed like it took forever to put them all together. They work easily and look great when finished though.

Nice addition to my shop, but it makes the rest of my storage and work benches look like garbage. Guess I'll have to start upgrading the rest. Maybe one of the smaller Seville Classics HD cabinets next... It would be great item for my work shop. I just love my new workbench & tool box. It took hours to put it together but getting it half price made it worth it. The best planned, packaged, engineered product seen. I was worried when I opened the carton and saw all those pieces. It went together with ease following the instructions. Not a single piece left over or missing. They provide one each extra screw, washer, etc. Once together this is a very sturdy workbench and meets my needs perfectly. They even provide every tool needed.

If you need a work bench with drawers look no further. We turned this into a very nice and a practical alternative coffee station. It's beautiful and got plenty of compliments for it. Easy to construct and very useful.

It took several hours to put together, but not at long as they even say in their product details. This is a two day project to put together but, so worth it. There are 18 tiny screws to build and install each of the 16 drawers. The top is very nice but, is easily scratched by the drawers when assembling them. So, cover the top with the cardboard from the packaging.

It has a tung oil finish, so I stained and put a coat of polyurethane on it. We are also having a plexiglass sheet made to cover the top and protect the finish. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Just follow directions and it comes out perfect. I watched and wanted this workbench for years.

Bench has the right amount of storage for me. It was intended to go in my garage for my tools but after it was assembled, I changed my mind. Maybe put an aquarium on it!

I've looked at many of tool cabinets for my garage, but settled on this one because of the reasonable price. I literally use it on a daily basis. It holds all of my craftsman tools, buffers, sanders, electric saws, automotive brake equipment, bottle jacks, etc.

The quality and durability are great and the wooden top is a perfect platform for small to medium sized jobs. You WILL need help loading/unloading because it's heavy! The only issue one may have with it is the Assembly. It's definitely not for the beginner.

Tools are provided to put it together, but you'd be better-off with your own professional tools. I had no problem and did it myself, but it did take me a few hours to complete because of the many parts. Other than that, I love it and think it's worth every penny. There are even shelf liners included that are pre-cut for each drawer. Exactly what I was looking for.

Happy that I bought this. I looked at other rolling workbenches. This one is by far the best.

Needed to organize my garage and this fits the bill. It is well built and looks great. Allow 3 or 4 hours to assemble (lots of screws).

This even comes with non skid drawer liners. Didn't use the roller wheels but instead set it on 2x12 wood on each end (cut 2 or 3 - 2x12 and screw together for 4' width) to allow for tool boxes to be stored underneath. Highly recommend this work bench! We bought 2 of the storage cabinets to help de-clutter our garage. My husband and I put them together. We liked them so much, we bought more!! Our garage has never looked better! Lots of screws, but no problems when putting them together. Drawer liners are a nice touch!

Workbench is very sturdy and easy to put together. The instructions are wonderful despite all of the screws!

I research other Tool Boxes on the Market and this Tool was the cheapest on this size tool box and quality on the tool box was excellent. Could not make a better deal anywhere.

Top notch product at a great price. I have done a lot of research on this product and when I found it at this amazing price. Like mentioned, it does take some time to assemble but it's not a daunting task, by any means. It's pretty much just screwing in a few hundred small screws. I love how heavy the bench top is. Nice quality wood and excellent finish. I bought this to house all of my fishing tackle and associated tools. With the myriad of drawers, it swallows tons of stuff. The bench top gives me loads of room to work on building lures or working on rods/reels.

I have a 2 year old and she is constantly opening the drawers and slamming them and it holds up just fine. The stainless finish is really easy to clean off the fingerprints too. Very well made and heavy duty construction. Took me about an hour to assemble. Bought this as a gift to my husband and he had no problems putting it together.

We love it and everyone comments on how awesome his man cave is with this in it. After reading several reviews we were a little concerned about missing parts or dented components. We ordered 3 of the large storage cabinets, this workbench with drawers, and the workbench.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The components and hardware were clearly marked.

Each product came with a separate bag of each piece of hardware in case there were missing pieces. It was incredible how well everything was protected and packed. The drawer liners even came with them! Great quality, smooth drawers, very solid top; we use this unit in a motorhome kitchen, adding golf clubs as'locks' with 3/4' EMT brackets to hold the drawers shut and it has held up perfectly through some serious use, even surviving Burning Man without a scratch! The only thing in the rig that stayed pretty well sealed against playa dust- now that's impressive!

Makes a fabulous kitchen cabinet/countertop at home, too. I have my entire Harley shop finished in Sierra Classic storage and I love it. It is very durable, easy to maintain, and very affordable. You do have to assemble it and sometimes the screws for the drawers can be frustrating but a small price to pay for such heavy duty storage.

I have several other Seville classics cabinets. I like the quality a good price.

Well built and of good quality. They take a while to put together but, the instructions are very well laid out.

Look forward to having this for many years. Great deal for the average garage hack like me! For normal project guy, I love this tool chest.

So, this great looking light duty chest perfect for me. BTW, I coated mine with ProtectaClear and mine doesn't get finger prints! Easy but time consuming to assemble. Take your time with it however and you end up with a quality item that lasts forever. Very heavy duty and the first one after five years in my FL garage without AC still looks like new.

My husband bought this for me for Christmas, I was so happy. It is exactly as described and holds so many tools in one place. Drawers were easy to put together and glide easily. Don't expect it to roll around easily - it is heavy and big. I'll be asking for the roll around workbench for Valentines Day!!

Yes I was sucked in by the price. However, it is certainly not a deal if it doesn't hold up. But this bench is holding up! I have had it hold 500 lbs without any concern.

Unlike some of the reviews, I singlehandedly assembled the bench in about six hours with the provided Manuel screwdriver. It does what it says it does.

If you need more, spend more. If the description does what you need, don't let the reviews scare you off. I bought this for my husband for Christmas for his wood shop & he is very impressed with it. He stated it is very well made.

He was very pleased how well the drawers fit in it. It comes in two large boxes & they are very heavy.

So needed help to get them in the shop. He put it together by himself but once it was together he needed help to turn it up right it. He did not want it on wheels so he built a solid wood base to put it on & of course needed help to get it on the base. Our Nephew has had his for 3 or 4 years & he is also very happy with the one he has.

Don't expect to put it together in 30 mins. Took a couple hours but went together without any problems. Finished off my garage with a great work bench. Took a while to assemble but not a problem if your a handyman. I put 2 back to back and ended up with a 40' x 70' workbench that turned out great more then enough storage and looks fantastic.

Other than taking some time to assemble and a couple of minor defects in hardware (threading issue with one of the wheels) the workbench is well constructed and will suit my purpose entirely. Fantastic addition to my workshop / garage. I have been using mine in my garage for about a year. I have had zero problems with it, and I roll it around all the time and have permanently mounted a vice, a grinder, and a radial arm saw to the surface with big lug screws (yes screws, no nuts).

The work surface is about 1 3/4 inches thick, very solid, with a really nice finish. The finish is so nice, in fact, that you will hesitate to do any work on it for fear of messing it up, BUT, after a year of hard use I can tell you that it holds up great. Yes there are some scuffs and marks, but I throw hammers and parts on it all the time.

The stainless steel front is also nice, and so far I have not so much as scratched it, even though I lean stuff against it and bump it with stuff all the time. The back and sides are an industrial finish that also has nary a scratch so far. This is a well designed unit.

The ONLY thing that anyone can say negative about this unit is the assembly required. It is quite tedious to put together. Each drawer has to be assembled, and there are a bunch of drawers.

This is a great work bench. Much better and more versatile than I thought! I bought one for my shop and love it. It has worked out much better than we thought it would. Lots of drawer space and you can roll it out of the kitchen so you can mop and it is not in the way.

We tripled our draw space and cleared some counter top space. It is easy to clean as well. Pros - Large box with nice wood top. Fairly easy to put together, heavy to move, roller drawers, lots of space.

Takes some time but easy to assemble, large casters, rolling drawers and nice solid wood top. Not found of finish but that is my personal taste, cleans easy.

Well packaged, easy to follow instructions to assemble, solid wookbench. If you bought something that was of the same features/quality elsewhere, you would pay more than 2X as much. Takes time to assemble, but if you are handy, its not a problem.

Great woodblock top - solid and finished well. They even have online video instructions for one or two of the assembly areas that are more difficult (how to assemble doors - watch it as the instructions are DIFFERENT than the written version, and they work, whereas the written version way is more problematic). Some issues when aligning if screws and bolts are tightened prematurely, but they can be corrected. Some issues with screws in the door assembly for back end of face plate, but if you align before screwing in it should not be a problem. Overall, a very good workbench.

Some have stated concern about not having four wheels that have a flex wheel vs. The 2 that are fixed now.

I wont be moving the bench that often for it to be an issue, and then, you just need to move from the sides with the adjustable wheels. If I ever need another workbench; I'd definitely consider this workbench again! Very nice and strong work cabinet i love it and it was easy to put to gather. Parts fit together well, took me about 4 hours working by myself to put it together.

Didn't have one screw that didn't fit where it was supposed to go... Which is a miracle because there are literally about 280 of them. Even came with a magnetized screwdriver... But use an electric one and save your hands.

Loved the little extra touch of pegboards on each side. This is a very nice workbench. It wasn't difficult to assemble, just time consuming.

Easy to understand instructions and even came with a screwdriver. It is sturdy and the different drawer sizes are a plus. Plenty of room for the storage we needed. A big plus for also having it mounted on big sturdy wheels. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to others.

Excellent product with complicated assembly. This rolling workbench is fantastic. The quality, especially the drawers and glides, is excellent.

The assembly is tedious and very time-consuming. Once the million pieces are put together, the result is a nice product. Typical of asian metals (junk) the fasteners are not very forgiving of slight mis-alignments with your tools, but otherwise, well thought out and a nice addition to the workshop. The workbench is very tedious to assemble, but not difficult.

The finished product provides a LOT of storage capacity with a professional look and feel. Drawers and door open and close easily with ball bearings and magnets. I highly recommend this as a good general purpose workbench and storage area. Now if I can keep the wife out of the garage... One review says that the people complaining about the assembly and quality of the product are obviously not the handy type. I would have to agree. This unit was so simple to assemble I want to do more of them.

The Longest part is the drawers and let me say they are easy too. The'Flimsy' Drawers as one negative review drawer states is as good as a craftsman tool chest. I want more for my machine shop. This is a quality chest and would not have any hesitation in recommending this product to anyone. The only drawback is that it does take some time to assemble, but once you have it together, you will be pleased with the product.

Very well packaged, no defects. I have a LOT of kitchen appliances & gadgets and this baby hold almost everything!

Assembly was no big deal - took my hubby & 17 year old son about 2 hours to put it together. I would get it again. This thing is heavy and has lots of parts! You can, however, do most of the assembly yourself.

I sorted the parts one day and assembled it in about 2-3 hours the next. It is very heavy so you have to have someone help you upright it then finish it up alone.

I put it together for my husband when he was out of town. I love the top--I worry that it will get damaged in his shop, which it will but that is what it is for! My box was missing a small drawer front.

I called the number and got a new one in less than a week. I could see using this in a craft room or kitchen. It is great for the low price. Hard to beat this product. Bought this unit yesterday and yes it does take 3 to 4 hours to assemble.

Take your time with the small screws. The slide for the drawers would cost about half of this price. The base wood is so beautiful and heavy you will want to protect it against damage. I also find the hard solid wooden top a great idea, itsuncommon to find this kind of top together with a steal toolbox.

Its alsoa very nice looking toolbox and can be used as a kitchen island for a comercial business or even residential. It realy does look nice'! And the price makes it one of the best deals that I have seen anywhere.

I dont have a problem with the drawers not locking but it might make it even nicerif they did, but with a little engineering I think any mechanicly inclinedindividual could make that happen without too much trouble. Yes I would recommend this to a friend but I know that if a friend seen it that they would be asking me about it. I had it delivered and that cost extrabut I figure it was worth it to me. I hope this helps you out. I give it a 5 star for an all around deal and that includes the low price for this kind of rolling toolbox.

I have assembled a lot of products and none have even come close to the engineering related to this cabinet. There were 226 screws to install throughout the cabinet and drawers but every hole lined up, I have never experienced a product so well engineered to assemble correctly. The packaging was excellent, no damage at all. The cabinet looks great, the drawer guides work great, one small thing is the closing mechanism has to be shut to keep the drawers from'drifting' open and when in place, the drawers look great but the initial tug to open the drawer is a little resistant.

That is the only negative I have found in this product and by far it is not enough to take away from this product at such at an excellent price. We keep it on our deck in the covered areas and it works well for our outdoor entertaining. Easy to clean and we get great compliments on how it looks. The storage area works well for the grill items and also for our outdoor pruning needs.

We keep bird feed in the middle portion as we feed the birds daily. Very good item and great value. FINALLY, a tool chest with lots of shallow drawers.

After wrangling the two heavy boxes the tool chest came in into the house, I did not have much trouble at all assembling it. It took awhile, but the instructions were clear.

It has eight shallow drawers three medium depth and one deep drawer. Also the center door storage area is spacious and the door locks.

The casters glide nicely and lock securely. The drawers glide smoothly but do not lock. The stainless front and wood top really look great in my workshop and the toolbox gave me a chance to get my workshop organized. All-in-all it's a fantastic tool chest at a great price.

Perfect addition to a newly repainted garage. Assembly was simple, but time consuming.

Best to carefully review the assembly details. Looking to upgrade from my old toolboxes that were falling apart, I did some research on the internet. It's very bright and warm. It's not cold and dark like most common roll around toolboxes. I liked the overall look of the box.

The stainless steel front and the powder coated gray body Im sure will resist scratches and dings and will last for many years to come. Both side have the pegboard holes which was a surprise because the description did not say anything about it. The'chopping board' top is solid and smooth. I was worried about the ball bearing drawers rolling open as the cabinet is moved but to my surprise they sort of'lock in' when the drawers are fully closed.

I like the hard rubber casters and these things really roll. You have to be careful on the slightest incline or your box will run away from you if you don't have the wheels locked. The drawer space is plentiful. Each drawer comes with its own padding which is a plus.

They keep your tools from rolling around and scratching the bottom of the drawers when opened and shut. The center of the box has a hinged door and inside is one shelf which is adjustable. The only drawback is that. They really put some thought into packaging this product.

Be sure to bring at least two other people to help load the boxes. There are two of them and they are very heavy. Be prepared to spend some time assembling. The instructions are very thorough but still took me a good day to assemble this box. Be sure that have plenty of space to lay out all your parts. This box is not just for a garage, shop or shed. It is nice enough to be used inside your house. The stainless steel box would match a stainless steel refrigerator or stove.

Liked it so much that I bought the smaller rolling toolbox to go with it. This rolling tool box works great in a garage setting. It is stylish and very sturdy when put together.

The only drawback is how long it takes to assemble! Some of the on the drawers would not fit properly but enough to hold securely. Although the assembly process can be time consuming the end result is a great tool box at an incredible price. This is a great box. I have bought the full set for my work space.

They assemble in a reasonable amount of time. They are solid and look good when complete.

The only reason for four stars on quality is every unit has some dent or ding usually not a finish issue but requires work when assembling. A couple hours per piece for assembly. My first units I bought several years ago and they still work great. This workbench is worth every penny.

Lots of storage, very well built and easy to move when you clean the garage. If I could have one change I wish everything lock. Only where the lock is located locks. I bought this for my photo transfer shop everything else is perfect.

I bought the tables also for my heat presses all great product. Female unloaded and put together by myself. I would suggest a helper heavy trying to handle work bench.

Start to finish I did accomplish this but my Dad always has said mind over matter but he has a hernia so I guess in time I may also. Great products I will be adding as my business grows. Outstanding value for surprisingly good quality. Shopping for garage storage units for our new home. Shopped Craftsman, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. But nothing seemed to work at a reasonable price. Ran across these items, 77' workbench, 36' tall storage units and 24' wall cabinets, and my search was over. Initially I was a little worried about the quality and durability.

Very well made, and puts all other choices to shame. The workbench has 12 total drawers and 500+ screws; plan on 5 hours to assemble.

The tall cabinet and wall cabinets are much quicker; put those together in 30 minutes each, easily. Plan on a trip to the recycle center when your assembly is complete. These come well packed, and you'll have cardboard and styrofoam like you wouldn't believe from each. But the packing does a good job protecting its contents.

I had no damaged parts at all, which is unusual with a total of 8 different items in my order. Awesome island for my daycare.

Bought this for my daycare so that I could have a taller counter for us to work on. This took 2 days for me to assemble as I was the only one doing this while doing daycare.

Everything is sturdy and well put together. I love all the drawers as I have my silverware, cooking utensils, bibs, towels, washcloths, bowls/pots and pans in them with room to spare. Also love the fact it has wheels to move for cleaning under or for changing the serving area. Great product and the best price I have found it for!

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  • Type: Workbench
  • Features: Lockable
  • Color: Silver
  • MPN: Does not apply
  • Brand: Seville Classics

Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile    Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench Locking Steel Mobile