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Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking

Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking
Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking
Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking
Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking
Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking
Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking
Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking

Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking   Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking
Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench. We have a proven track record over the years. We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. Orders are processed around the clock every day for best service! The Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench is a worktop and portable storage solution in one. Stainless steel push bars on either side make it easy to roll the Seville workbench where you need it and bring all your tools allong with you. The Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench is one of a kind. This workbench will become your new assistant, ready to hold your tools while you work and move along with you if you need to shift your workspace or rearrange furniture in your workshop.

All storage compartments are fully lockable, keeping your things secure and your family safe. ULTRAGUARD fingerprint-resistant stainless steel keeps your drawer fronts and cabinet doors looking clean and new. The Seville rolling workbench is made of durable steel with stainless steel push bars on either side for easy maneuvering. Hardwood top stands up to drafting, crafting, woodworking or any other hobby you might engage in. Perfect for a garage or studio workspace, or cutting table for sewing projects or an embroidery machine.

Is It Easy to Move My Seville UltraHD Workbench? The push bars make moving easy, while bumpers on all four corners of the Seville Workbench protect your workbench and your walls. Four 5-inch heavy-duty wheels help you wheel around, and two of them lock to make sure your station stays in place when you've decided where to place it. Each drawer on the Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench can hold up to 30 pounds, while the total weight capacity of this workbench is 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. With its stylish lines and lasting durability, this UltraHD Rolling Workbench will complement any garage, basement, storage room or hobby room.

Is It Easy To Customize the Seville UltraHD Rolling Workbench? The two-door cabinet on this rolling workbench has a full-width shelf for all your storage needs. The shelf in the cabinet area has four adjustable height positions to help you customize your workbench.

The Seville UltraHD Workbench also includes 11 smaller drawers for items that need more specific organization. Each drawer is lined to keep your tools and supplies from moving around if you choose to transport or reposition your work station. 2-door cabinet with full-width shelf and 4 adjustable height positions.

ULTRAGUARD fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel cabinet doors and drawer fronts. All storage compartments are fully lockable. Stainless-steel push bar on each side.

4 corner bumpers for protection. 5' heavy-duty wheels (2 locking). Total weight capacity evenly distributed, 500 lbs. Weight capacity per Drawer, 30 lbs.

Overall dimensions with push bars: 77' x 20' x 37.5'H. Overall dimensions without push bars: 72' x 20' x 37.5'H. Solid hardwood top: 72' x 20' x 1.5' thick.

9 Small Drawers: 19.25' W x 18.5' D x 2.75' H. 1 Medium Drawer: 19.25' W x 18.5' D x 4.75' H. 1 Large Drawer: 19.25' W x 18.5' D x 10.75' H.

72' x 20' x 37.5'H without Push Bars. 77' x 20' x 37.5' with Push Bars. Full width shelf and four adjustable heights. Heavy-duty commercial granite powder coat. Update your garage, basement, study, warehouse or even craft room. I bought this bench for a kitchen it's pretty nice once put together, love it. Ordered this workbench to use in my garage workshop. Assembly was easy - it took us a few evenings working an hour or so at a time. One warning, there will be A LOT of cardboard and styrofoam to dispose of once you are finished unpacking everything. Looks so good in my garage. Perfect size and fits all my tools. I bought this for my garage. Was concerned about all the screws and holes lining up when putting together. But it all fit very nicely. The draws are a little stiff at the back when almost fully closed, but may get better as add weight. He is very pleased with the space it has provided. My wife is going for an industrial look craft room and this workbench has worked out extremely well for her needs.

I recently bought this work bench and love it. Its easy to put together, great instructions.

It took several hours to put together with the help of my 6 year old grandson. We had a lot of fun. My daughter and son in law helped turn it right side up as its very heavy. Well designed and solid workbench. Good quality well designed and easy to move around with the 5 inch wheels. They are well built, easy assembled and exaxtly what i need for garage organization. Excellent work bench and workspace for the garage! I bought this because we are in a rental after moving and had no work bench for my hobbies such as drone piloting and working on the ones that I build. This thing has been pretty amazing! I 100% recommend this to anyone that needs to add storage and have a workbench! This is a solid well built table. Setup was well thought out.

Be prepared for alot of cardboard and Styrofoam to be dealt with. The instructions were great and the attachment hardware was right on. I put all 8 pieces together in about 8 hours by myself.

Do a couple and you can get a system down and it moves right along. Butcher block workbench top could be a piece of furniture. I'm going to cover it with plexiglass so as to not damage it.

Sturdy, lots of storage with a space for long tools as well, like bar clamps, levels, really long drill bits, crow bars, etc. The drawers glide nicely and the padded inserts are good. The top is so nice that at first I protected it but eventually realized its a workbench and now I use it as such. We bought this tool box. We are using it as isle in my kitchen.

I like it a lot!!!! Love it as a tool box. It was easy to put together except the drawers.

Several of them didnt line up and I actually drilled a couple new holes but overall wasnt bad. Worth putting it together for the price and quality. Well made work bench with heavy casters and real maple hardwood work top. WE BOUGHT THIS BENCH FOR COMPANY WAREHOUSE. Takes two people to put together but worth it!

It allowed me to finally get my work area organized. Added the top cabinets and peg board to complete the change. I'm okay with a bit of assembly. Follow the instructions and it goes pretty smooth. Only issue which the instructions don't address is there are a few screws that are in difficult places to get to.

I however removed a couple of pre assembled drawer slides and was able to get to those position with a bit more ease. I mounted a 180 degree vise with out it being any problem with the drawer operation. It looks nice and for just a weekend tinkerer it should last me for years. One other tip would be to get a smaller piece of wood for your main work area.

The wood top is shiny but can easily be surface scratched. A 2'x3'x1/2' piece of wood gives me a work area for just working without scratching the top. With two of us, it went together very quickly.

All the pieces fit perfectly. Only warning would be to lay out all pieces before starting, in a large area to ease assembly. For the price this is a great value. And has the DIY in mind.

Solo assemly, with unpacking, i had the skeleton of the box together in 1-1/2 hours. The next day i assembled the drawers in a little over an hour.

The next day i completed the project in 1-1/2 hours. Very pleased with the end product.

Also found and ordered a pair of swivel wheels on the internet so i can move it however i wish. There are some tricky details to putting it together, however, DIY will not mind this upon seeing the finished product. Looking back, the only detail i wish i had done is starting every screw by hand.

I only have my own impatience to blame. Screw count was amazingly accurate. Like the detail of the extra bag though. Whoever thought of that should get a raise. Probably took a team of engineers just to do that, and, you can build a small house in your backyard with packing material.

Seems a shame to put all that material into a landfill. I just have accumulated too much stuff in my years. My husband and I ordered 8 Seville products for our garage.

This was the first one we put together. The engineering from packaging to materials was great.

Directions were well thought out and easy to follow. All parts were clearly marked. I would highly recommend this product! 2nd one as goos as the first! When looked to replace my rolling work bench looked all over the web and none came close to the quality and price of Seville Ultra HD. Assembly is easy with excellent insructions n materials. I bought one of these for my garage and I'm pretty happy with it. It requires a lot of assembly, so be ready for that, but all of the parts went together smoothly and the end result is quite nice.

The cabinet comes in 2 boxes and is quite heavy, so be ready for that as well. Great price for great product. Very easy to put together.

It seems to be very well-made. The whole unit is solid and the doors and drawers are solid. Assembly directions were very good. Bought it for my husband. It took him a while to put it together and it was very heavy to carry into the garage.

But, he is happy with it and his tools are finally organized. I bought this about a month ago along with 2 sevelle cabinets.

I can't say enough about the quality and look of the items. Very well made, packed very very well, great instructions, came in 2 boxes very heavy. Need 2 people to do 1st part, using a ratchet not included was much easier than the tool provided.

Only needed for 6 bolts, rest requires screw driver included. Allow plenty of time and be patient during assembly. Great instruction for assembly & great work bench. Quality workmanship, very heavy duty.

It comes unassembled, and you will be investing about 3-4 hours to put it together. But, all components fit properly. The packaging of these parts is an engineering marvel... More deserving of the Nobel peace prize than obaama.

Great value for what you get. Not difficult to put together.

Exactly what I was needing. Excellent quality, and beautifully styled. If you take the time to assemble everything square the results are worth it. The final workbenches fills all my needs. Easy to assemble in just about two hours with good instructions.

I hate to use it as a workbench. Relatively easy to assemble and industrial look would even look nice as a piece of furniture. This is a great find!

The drawers come with liners and are perfect for storing tools. The cabinet compartment holds drillsand other small tools. Best of all It has heavy duty wheels and can be moved. There are also a medium and deep drawer.

Follow the directions and they will lead you to a great finished product. Very happy with the results. The assembly took about 3 hours, give or take, I put it together over a two day stretch. Assembly was a little tight at times, but doable.

This is well designed and easy to assemble. Beautiful product and very durable. Pretty simple to put together, but Ill take you to to three hours to do it.

Good work bench for garage. Bought Seville work bench for garage redo. Drawers work well and easy assembly. I bought this and Im using it in my closet. It works well and the closet is tidy!

These really worked out well for my office. A few of them came damaged but were replaced without any problems. Very nice work bench to hold my tools, highly recommend. We gave this to our son for the new addition on their house. Perfect; no matter where or how they eventually use it. I wish I had somewhere to put one! Great price a good looking bench. I bought this to add to the rolling Seville cabinets and wall units. Looks awesome and great quality. I bought this with cabinets.

Looks great and drawers are well made with ball bearings. It was easy to assemble with clear instructions and well labeled parts. It has lots of space and good sized drawers.

W can see how it would be great for a kitchen island, but we use it for tools. We have more than enough room to store everything we need. The cupboard is perfect for a stereo we use while in the garage.

We needed a power strip inside for the stereo components and the battery chargers for our power tools. We simply snipped from one pegboard hole to another to make an opening and lined it with plastic. The drawers also have small openings along the edges from where it was perforated for assembly that allow dust, etc to be easily cleaned out when necessary. Great workbench for the residential garage.

This work bench is made of quality material. It assembled according to the instructions and the overall design is great for tools for the average person. This is exactly what I wanted.

Many different parts but fairly easy to assemble once we got the hang of it. You definitely need two people. The wheels roll nicely and the top is very thick and heavy.

A great work station and enabled me to separate out my tools. I also bought the cabinets that you can hang above it. Would highly recommend this product, especially for the price!

Looks exactly like the picture. My two sons and I bought this as a Birthday/Christmas gift for my husband. Because it was not assembled he couldnt guess what it was from the wrapped boxes (boxes are HEAVY). He enjoyed assembling it and it looks great in his new shop! Great mid level unit, assembled w/o a hitch.

Packaged nicely, no missing parts. Instructions are good, parts well labeled.

Every piece lined up perfectly for assembly. Comes with a magnetized screwdriver making the job easy. I used a 1/2' socket instead of supplied wrench. I also used medium threadlocker (not supplied) on all threads. The wood top is so nicely finished I almost felt uneasy starting to use it.

Rolls nicely and looks great, very happy with this unit. I got this for my husband to use in his airplane hanger when working on the plane. It is perfect for our needs! Easy to assemble and very sturdy. Its a very well built product.

I have no complaints and really enjoy it. The draws and doors all slide and open great. I have had this for about a month now. It took a little while to complete the assembly but it is well worth it. Plenty of storage drawers and a nice clean look to my garage now.

Got it as Christmas gift it remake my garage. Great unit we also have the stand up cabinet. If he likes it then you can count on great quality.

We needed extra work counter space in our small church kitchen and this item worked perfect. Great tool bench for completing crafts and storing tools. Love it and it sure looks good in my work area.

Good engineering and easy assemble. This is the second one of these I have built so it took 3 hours instead of 4.

I was impressed with the first one I made, so got one for myself. This one did have two screws which would not thread straight. Well made, glad I bought it. I just recently bought this unit, as I unpacked it, needless to say it has many pieces.. But, all went smoothly and this product is very well made from the wood top to the casters. Product is heavy duty and will last for many years.

Excellent work bench - took me 5 hours to put together but well worth it- 2 thumbs up! This workbench has s great.

It took about six hours to put together but it was not complicated and no one got cranky in the process. With only three women there, that wasnt going to work. He suggested he could take it back.

He ended up bringing it into the doorway but wasnt happy about it. Apparently, when ordering the customer needs to mention that they will need assistance. Thats what he said anyway.

My husband is very impressed with the quality of these cabinets. It takes time to put together since they have MANY screws, but it's worth the effort. Bought this for my son and he loves it. I shopped everywhere for a rolling workbench.

The quality of this item matches what I found elsewhere at half the price. It is easy to assemble and a very sturdy workbench. Excellent , looks good, great price! Wasn't sure about this with the price point as i've seen similar products at home improvement stores at significantly higher prices. Based on reviews and price, I pulled the trigger.

I highly recommend this product. After assembling and starting to fill up with my various stuff, I couldn't be happier with this product. Came very well packed with all pieces and most importantly no dents.

I was able to assemble this by myself in about 3-4 hours total. All pieces fit well (thought there were a couple of screw holes that were a bit off so I had to work the screws/bolts harder than normal). The end product came out beautifully and fully functional. No major gaps between drawers and all drawers work well.

I've already gotten rid of my old wood workbench with no storage and have put all of my various, screws, fasteners, nails, etc in bins in the drawers. There is a TON of storage in this thing more than I currently need even with all my various stuff. Other benefit of this unit is that it is fairly narrow (18') depth-wise so it fits in a garage while still allowing me to pull my car in. Time will tell as far as durability but so far I love this thing! Been wanting this box for years....

Finally broke down an bought one... Put it together in 4 hrs... Nice piece of wood on the top. Going to try to protect it. Too nice to scratch up! Looks great in my garage! Added some press on tile behind it. Now my husband calls the garage my woman cave!

Looks great and has endless drawer space for all my tools. Be sure to use drill with torque control. I like the quality and design.

I'm still trying to get my drawer faces aligned, as well as the top. Assembly was not much fun - it took a while, but was not too difficult. I wish the drawer faces and doors were a little more stout.

Went together pretty easily in about 3 1/2 hours. This was a great quality workbench at a great price.

Took some time to put together but the end product was well worth the time. Bought a couple weeks ago nice box alot of room and very sturdy can be used easily as a workstation. Drawers are smooth pulling out heavy duty. My second one love it. I bought it for my husband and I built it myself.

Seems hard but easier than I thought! Well made and good price.

This took me awhile to assemble, but it looks great and is of good quality. I was also impressed how well it was packed to take advantage of every ounce of space and prevent any damage. I confirming that the build process will take about three to four hours from the start to finish without the use of a power driver. That might speed up the process by an hour.

We had two people working on the build and we carefully spent about 20 mintues getting familar with the instructions and parts. But it went together perfectly following the directions. I also bot their smaller work bench with doors and dwarers and it was much easier, about an hour build time.

The metal is not super thick, so Im not sure how it would hold up in a heavy duty situation, but what Im using it for could be classified as light duty & for that its perfect. Great Organizer for our garage.

Although they take several hours to put together they are worth it. Liked the liners that keep things from moving around. Roomy, little and big tools all in one space. Easy to assemble and works great for all my art supplies. I have had numerous compliments on my workbench from people walking in my art studio - and wondering where I got it!

Good design, easy to assamble. Trying to move the two boxes together it is too heavy, once you took them apart and unbox all the parts and components, following the well written instructions makes it easy to assemble. My son put it together forMe it looks great!

It was a breeze to put together. Time consuming yes, but not at all difficult. The instructions are very clear. My husband and I spent about 3 hours putting it together and much of that was just reading instructions. It is my kitchen workbench. No more pulling appliances in and out of cabinets. Well packaged and very good instructions. I needed a toolbox and a new workbench. This met all my requirements.. Comes in two very large boxes. Took about 4 hours to put together but worth it. You can assemble the drawers in parrell with another person to save time. Excellent price for a great item.

We have a covered patio and this makes a great outdoor buffet with lots of storage. Good quality - lots of storage.

Just what we needed for our garage remodel. It is very heavy duty and will last for many years! We are happy to offer our self designed outdoor furniture along with some of the best handpicked patio furniture and home decor items at competitive prices. If ordering electrical items outside of the U.

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Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking   Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench Steel 12 Drawer Rolling Locking